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HUNZA Pure Outdoor Lighting

The quality lighting products available from HUNZA Pure Outdoor Lighting are a result of the company’s primary mission: to provide the best outdoor landscape lights in the industry, while caring for the environment we all share. Their outdoor and architectural lighting products are manufactured from the highest-quality materials, such as natural copper, stainless steel and machine-grade alloys.

HUNZA offers a popular path lighting solution with its Bollard 300 (BOLcop), which comes in two sizes at 27 inches and 12 inches in height. The taller model is suitable for driveways and walkways, while the shorter version is ideal for gardens. This product is available in aluminum or machined from solid copper or stainless steel. The copper hood displays a natural patina for a classic look.

At Link Outdoor Lighting, our customers often request HUNZA Pure Outdoor Lighting products for a wide range of outdoor applications, such as accenting unique landscape and architectural features, as well as pathways, steps, and water features.

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At HUNZA’s factory, there are no automated assembly lines and no equipment mechanically punching forms out of sheet metal. Instead, they believe that precision and craftsmanship are more important than speed, so every product is meticulously crafted and assembled by hand.