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In business since 1946, RAB Lighting is known throughout the outdoor lighting industry for their affordable, high-performance products, which includes fixtures, bulbs, and controls. At Link Outdoor Lighting, we are proud to offer their products to our customers because they are well-designed, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and rugged durability.

Included among RAB Lighting’s many outstanding products is their LFLED8NB Floodlight, which features a microprismatic diffuser that produces a smooth light distribution without a lot of glare.

At RAB Lighting, they focus on designing products with lighting contractors, as well as end consumers, in mind. This is how they continue to create value in their products, while making them easier for electricians to install and complete their jobs to the customers’ satisfaction.

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RAB Lighting has a reputation for setting industry standards in manufacturing durable lighting equipment for exterior applications. That includes illuminating architectural features and landscapes, up-lighting trees, and lighting pathways and steps for beauty and safety.