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Auroralight Outdoor Lighting

Auroralight has earned a reputation for designing innovative landscape lighting products that deliver performance and durability. We are proud at Link Outdoor Lighting to provide their products because they set the standard for quality in the industry. For many of our customers who demand a high level of style and quality, Auroralight equipment is often the only acceptable option.

One of our more popular Auroralight products is the Meridian LED: LSW8, which delivers outstanding illumination that’s ideal for walkways and steps, while minimizing glare and softening side illumination.

Auroralight products are the perfect solution for accenting unique architectural features, garden sculptures, pool decks and landscaping. Manufactured from solid copper and brass, our customers have used this fine equipment in both residential and commercial settings to create an impressive outdoor ambiance.

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Auroralight Outdoor Lighting Products & Accessories

With Auroralight products, you get equipment that delivers performance and durability, even when exposed to salt air near the ocean. At the same time, their products are highly attractive and stylishly designed. Plus, all their products are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. at their Carlsbad, California, facility.

Some of their most popular products include:

HSL11 Taos
LDM3 Compass
LML350-S7-GTL Equinox
LML400-C14-GTL Cyranos
LSL10 Agave
WL16 Lighthaus
LSW8-FL Meridian
SLX Mariner