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Experienced contractors know that King Innovation products set a high quality standard for electrical connectors, lighting-specific tools, and more. In fact, their quality is a byproduct of their stated mission: to make each job as seamless as possible for their customers, so they can get it done quickly and correctly.

One of the most popular products we offer at Link Outdoor Lighting is their DryConn Waterproof Connector. It’s both waterproof and corrosion-proof because it’s pre-filled with petroleum grease, which never hardens. This product is perfect for use in outdoor low-voltage lighting applications.

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King Innovation Outdoor Products & Accessories

King Innovation sets the standard for quality and safety in developing, designing, and manufacturing products that meet customers’ needs. In fact, for electrical connectors, as well as all of their products, King Innovation is widely known for setting industry standards.

Some of their most popular products include:

King Insta-Light Battery Pack
King 90 Angle Plug Power Cord 6′ #16 3 Conductor
Black Grey Wire Nuts
Gorilla Grip Strippers
Ace Connectors
Screw in Tree Mount