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Throughout its long history dating back to 1891, Intermatic has provided solutions to contractors, facility operations managers, and homeowners that include timers and photocontrols that regulate electronic equipment. At Link Outdoor Lighting, these products have proven to be highly reliable when installed to manage lighting systems for our customers, resulting in a substantial energy cost savings with minimal effort.

A great example of Intermatic’s reliability is the EI600 Series Timer, which easy to program and can accommodate up to 40 on/off events per week. An in-wall timer, this product has a thin profile and readily blends in to its environment.

Due to the company’s longevity and reputation, Intermatic products are the gold standard in the industry, consistently proving to be reliable and durable.

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At Intermatic, their long-term success results from generations of delivering quality products that work, and their forward-thinking approach to developing innovative new products for their customers. We are proud at Link Outdoor Lighting to be an official distributor of their products.