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Dating back to 1979, SLV Lighting has earned a reputation in the outdoor lighting industry for the long-lasting quality of their products, advanced technology, and contemporary designs. At Link Outdoor Lighting, we know that our customers will be happy with the results they get when using SLV Lighting products, precisely because they consistently deliver innovation and style.

For example, the Arrock Arc Outdoor Lamp (GU10) is a great example of the fine work they do at SLV Lighting. It’s constructed from stainless steel and natural granite, which means every lamp is unique. And it’s available with LED or halogen lamps.

Serving both residential or commercial applications, this company offers a wide variety of lighting solutions. Our customers have frequently complimented the European styling of these products, installing them to illuminate gardens, landscaping, pathways and many other outdoor areas.

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Based in Germany, SLV Lighting is considered a global industry leader in utilizing LED landscape lighting technology to create energy-efficient products that make a statement and last a long time.