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Q SERIES 14/4 CABLE 250'

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This UV Rated Outdoor Speaker Wire is the first choice when your connection needs cannot be met with standard indoor speaker audio cables. This cable offers a more effective way to deal with outdoor connections where direct burial of speaker wires is the best option. Unlike most indoor cables that are ill-suited for withstanding direct burial or exposure to the elements, our outdoor UV protection cable’s direct burial jacket is built to handle those environmental factors.

The Outdoor/Direct Burial Speaker Wire You Need

There are times when standard speaker cables are insufficient to handle certain connection needs. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to expand his entertainment center to the yard or garage, or a business that needs speaker wires that can survive outside, you know that those typical indoor speaker cables are generally ill-equipped to do the job. As more people encounter installations that require cables built to withstand the elements, solid and reliable outdoor/direct burial speaker wire solutions are in great demand. Fortunately, The direct burial cable you need to accomplish all your most challenging outdoor cable installation goals.

Outdoor/Direct Burial Speaker Wire Features You deserve

The Outdoor UV Protection Rated Speaker Audio Cable has all the features you would expect from a quality direct burial cable. The cable is protected with an outdoor, direct burial jacket that helps protect against UV and moisture damage. This outdoor cable comes in a variety of strand options, with each designed for optimal efficiency and reduced signal loss. Cable is available in bulk, via wooden drum, with foot-markings on the jacket, in sequential countdown every two feet. This copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire provides excellent signal reliability, and greater flexibility for ease of installation. Product is suitable for all outdoor speaker cable wire installations, both above and below ground, and provides superior performance for any entertainment theater system. Its high-stranded conductors can even provide premium sound quality for your car audio system.

The cable can be paired with spade tips, banana plugs, or bent pin connectors for seamless connections of speakers and A/V receivers or amplifiers. Its U/V resistant, specially formulated jacket offers a low-cost, budget-friendly solution that protects against water damage and other natural elements.

Features of the Outdoor Speaker Wire include:

  • Wooden Drum
  • Outdoor, direct burial cable
  • UV - Ultraviolet and water resistant for direct burial applications
  • CCA conductor
  • Foot marked with sequential countdown every two feet
  • Strand variants include 14/2 99 strands, 16/2 65strands, 14/4 99 strands, 16/4 6 5strands; each strand is 0.16 mm
  • Length variants include 250ft, 500 ft

This Outdoor Speaker wire is made from twisted strands that combine to result in the cable’s gauge, or thickness. When judging gauge, it is important to recognize that lower gauges indicate thicker cables. For example, 14 gauge is thicker cable than 16 gauge. As a rule of thumb, thicker cables do a better job guarding against signal loss. They use cables with the highest available strands to ensure maximum performance for its cable products.

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